Sponsored Post: 5 Awesome Tips for Getting Red Carpet Ready

So, most of us won’t be strutting the red carpet alongside Ryan Seacrest and his fab coif, playing the “which-ex-is-the-song-about” guessing game with our favorite country glam star T.Swift. We may not even be on the A list (or B, or C list for that matter) of Vanity Fair’s hot soirees, but even us mere muggles have events we want to raise the va-va-voom factor for. (Think office parties with cuties from the East Coast office. Your sorority sister’s wedding which will also most likely be attended by your ex.) Here’s The Budget Fashionista’s guide to looking like a million bucks on, well, no more than a couple bucks.

Five Awesome Tips for Getting Red Carpet Ready

Lighten up your meals: This isn’t about shedding pounds or looking thinner, but opting for healthier meal options before a special event is key to looking and feeling your best. Who doesn’t get the midnight munchies, but before you head to your nearest Mickey D’s to order that Big Mac, pause. It’s hard to feel fab when your breath smells like leftover Fillet-o-Fish and fries.

Get skin-tastic: Ready for your close-up in HD, and ready for the constant Facebook-uploading/Instagramming/etc? Half the battle is beautiful skin. Prep your skin by making sure it’s hydrated, which means drinking lots of H20 and being generous with your moisturizer. Wait until your skin is moist before you apply your foundation to avoid flaky makeup, especially during the winter!

Lash out: If you weren’t blessed with the Kardashian sisters’ ridiculously long lashes that deserve their own zip code, fake it with mascara. COVERGIRL® Clump Crusher Mascarais awesome because it gives your lashes a dramatic boost without being clumpy. The mascara brush has unique bristles that help separate each lash, and there’s less of a chance you’ll end up with raccoon eyes at the end of the night. Plus, the more you apply, the more volume you get—and did I mention no clumps! Here’s another tip. For those who want/need that extra lip, blow dry your eyelash curler for 5-10 seconds before using it. The heated curler will essentially perm your lashes upwards.

Nail It: The difference between dressed up and glamorous lies in the subtle details. Jewelry that pops. Or red lipstick. For us, we love fancying up our nails with CoverGirl® Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss, which comes in 15 fun colors available now like Constant Caribbean, and Grapevine and even more to choose from in January. Not only are the colors vibrant in the bottle, but only one coat is needed—no top or base coat required either. (Translation: You don’t need to coat on 3-4 layers to get the color you want.) And COVERGIRL promises it will last up to a full week.

Pack an emergency kit: No, we’re not talking about lugging a first aid kit around, but having an “in-case-of” kit is smart. What to include? Breath mints in case the main course includes a boatload of garlic. Oil blotting paper in case your friend uploads pics sans filters on Instagram. Lip gloss to reapply as needed. Band aids because we know that pretty shoes are sometimes pretty painful. Tampons/pantyliners because that time of the month tends to come at the worst times ever.

So, whether it’s for a holiday party, big date, or a high school reunion, every woman has those evenings where she pulls out all the stops and these five tips will up your glam factor.

Visit COVERGIRL on YouTube for more great ideas on how to get red carpet ready!

Note: This  is a paid sponsored post.


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