Why You Need to Go to Uniqlo NOW

In my opinion: the less, the better. I’ve always thought this, from my days as a kid when I spent a majority of my afternoon in a pink-ribboned bathing suit to my current age as a style minimalist.

It’s not like I want to flaunt myself or be cheap, I just believe that the more I can express myself without a lot “going on,” the more true I am to myself.

Enter Uniqlo.

You’ve heard about it in the news lately if you aren’t already an avid shopper. My first experience was in New York, where my friend one day took me. In fact, she insisted.

“Sallie…it’s the mecca of basics.”

Whatever that means, I nodded and followed her in.

Behold. Mecca of basics.

Uniqlo Velvet


Why You Should Visit Uniqlo Today

Three floors of jeans, dresses, tanks, tees, jackets with cool insulation technology, bras, socks—and everything for men, as well. Uniqlo has every piece you will need in your wardrobe, ever, made to fit in style on-trend with each season and catwalk but not gaudy. Sure, you’ll find floral prints and those pajama pants people actually wear out these days, but anything you buy at Uniqlo I promise you’ll have (and wear) not only at the end of this season, but at the end of next spring, as well.

It’s just like that. Cool enough that it’s cool, but simple enough that it transcends everything that is touch-and-go.

And the prices: Shopping at Uniqlo is much like shopping at Target.

A simple cotton dress is $19.90

Ribbed tank top is $5.90

Those outdoor pajama pants are $14.90

Flare skirt is $19.90

Not in New York? Don’t weep. By the end of this summer, Uniqlo will have added five stores in California and four more on the East Coast. Also, you can order online. So, go. Your whole new wardrobe awaits.



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