I Tried the Rainbow Hair Trend and Here’s What Happened

I couldn’t take it anymore.  With so many ladies getting in on the rainbow hair trend, stepping out in pink, purple or blue hair (or all at the same time), I had to try it myself.

Admittedly, I’m more of a conservative fashionista who goes for the element of bold surprise:  fluorescent nails to go along with my simple black and white outfit, silly socks underneath solid-colored pajama pants, flashy earrings next to my minimally made up face.  So imagine me walking around with a streak of hot pink in my hair.  Nothing conservative about that.

Simultaneously intrigued but also a little nervous, I headed to my local Walmart and purchased two wild colors.  One was a dusty rose hair chalk and the other, an electric blue gel.  I half expected the cashier to look at me and tell me I was crazy to try the rainbow hair trend (as if she knew the products were for me), or to have my Facebook friends say bizarre things when I changed my profile picture for the purpose of this post.

New Facebook profile picture to show off my pink streak.

New Facebook profile picture to show off my pink streak and test reactions to my “new” hair color.

But all the comments were positive, including one (thanks, Lori) who said, “Nice pink hair!” and others who left kind comments.  This isn’t to say that people didn’t think that maybe I was losing my mind, but at least they didn’t say it.  Whew!

All in all, trying the colors was a ton of fun.  With pink (that often looked deep purple in window light) and shocking bursts of blue, I felt suddenly bolder and edgier, but not in a “I’m going to pick fights with you and call your Mom names just to do it” way.  Trying the rainbow hair trend was one part giddy, just-for-the-fun-of-it silliness yet one part “don’t question my intentions, because I’m a quiet (ish) girl with funky colors on my head.”

Here I am, in public with my pink highlights!

Here I am, in public with my pink highlights!

Stepping out with blue streaks.

Stepping out with blue streaks.

The chalk was my favorite over the gel in that it flowed into my hair more naturally than the gel, which looked more clumpy.  However, be aware of chalk hair colors because they’re powdery. Even though they’re “set” with hairspray, they tended to get on my hands and face throughout the day as hair brushed up against my cheeks or I tucked some strands behind my ear.  Still, no biggie.

I’m curious, would you, or have you, tried the rainbow hair color trend?

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