Blogger Roundup: Quilted Construction

The quintessential textile for the cooling climate is as much about form as it is about function. When it comes time to layer up this season, we suggest taking a cue from your surroundings. Outerwear essentials have long incorporated quilted construction for insulation purposes, but this classic coat style has inspired far more than hunting and skiing jackets.

Take for instance, those iconic double C’s. These days, ladies see some quilting action and immediately think Coco, but let’s face it, a little Chanel association never hurt anybody. Chic and sleek quilted bags, skirts, and tops have cropped up at all price points; ideal for lending infamy to any aesthetic. Check out how these blogger babes navigate between the lines of outdoor and en vogue in quilted creations we’ve fallen hard for.


Melissa is creative communications professional with 9+ years of experience writing for the beauty and fashion industries.