Quick Daytime Hairstyles

I confess: when it comes to hair, I don’t wash every day. On the weekend, I’ve been known to pull on a baseball cap and tote hat-hair all day instead of looking for a brush. However, sometimes I make last-minute plans or wake up during the work week and have no choice other than “do my hair.”

Luckily, getting your hair off your neck doesn’t have to break  a sweat. Here are my favorite daytime dos you can do in five minutes or less.

Quick Daytime Hairstyles You Can Do in a Jiffy!

Sleek Pony.

Eva Longoria

Don’t let images of pigtails and ponytails take you back to fifth grade. The key to the mature pony is to make it sleek. Start with clean and dry hair. Moisten with spray or something that will keep all strands flat to your head. Sweep back, and make sure that it’s high enough to hang but low enough so it’s not cheer-leader style peppy. Secure with an elastic. Brush.

Side Pony or Braid.


My favorite weekend look (when not wearing that hat). Bead-head is actually perfect for this look – tease your hair a bit on top to give it volume and wave (or just roll out of bed and don’t brush). Pull hair to side, and secure with a hair tie, piece of ribbon, or a clip. If you want to braid, I like to twist a piece of hair from the front of my face – like a bang – and then start a backwards braid (instead of bringing pieces in front to braid, I bring them behind). Secure with a tie.

Classic Ballerina Bun.


This time, make a high pony tail. You can sweep it tight and sleek, or for texture and sass cinch it so it’s textured. Wrap the tail around the base, tuck in like a knot, and secure with bobby pins. I love this look because it looks good simple and straight or messy and casual.

Upside-Down Pony Bun.


I love this look, and the Upside-Down Pony is a great quick-look for every repetoire. Simply divide your hair in half, horiztonally. Make a bun with the bottom half and pin. Take the top half and gather as if you were making a pony tail, and tie with an elastic not tightly but loosely. Make a hole in the hair above the elastic, and pull the pony through. Divide tail in half, and wrap around the bun. Secure with pins, or if long enough tie together in a knot and secure with a chopstick.

Half-Up, Adult-Style. 


Gather the top part of your hair, and make a loose pony tail. Make a hole between the elastic and your head, and pull the pony through. Viola, your childhood look vamped-up!

What are YOUR go-to quick daytime hairstyles? Share with us in the comments.