Queen Latifah in Talks to Do Line at Wal-Mart

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I just got a scoop from a fabulous new friend who is a major player in the plus size world regarding Queen Latifah and Wal-Mart. Apparently the plus size diva (who looks absolutely FABULOUS in the her new movie “Last Holiday”) is in talks with the superstore to do a fashionable plus size line, possibly an extension on her deal with Curvation, an intimate apparel line for plus size women owned by Vanity Fair Corp., parent company of such brands as Wrangler, Nautica and The North Face. Since the partnership with QL, the brand has been a hot seller at Wal-Marts across the country. A good move for Wal-Mart, who really needs the good PR that QL brings.

I still think they need to have Marc Jacobs do a line.

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  • Jeanie West


    What kind of self respecting person would do any thing for Walmart when their practices are unfair to their employees at the assiociate level. When Walmart employees who have actually managed to stay on past the two year mark it takes to qualify for their expensive pay for little if any thing health care benefit, state that medicaid provided better coverage this is bad. Particularly a black woman. Walmart salaries barely support one person much less a family.

  • relientKitten


    I worked for WalMart. I loved the job. Benefits were iffy; the dental was awesome, the medical was there at least, and they did offer insurance to me when I was part-time. They have some problems, true, but as a college student with a family, I really wish that there was one closer to us. Sam Walton never intended for WalMart to end up like it did, and the poor guy is probably rolling over in his grave, bless his soul. But there are other evil corporations and groups out there. Don’t single this one out.

    What I didn’t ever like about WalMart was their clothing selection. I like the ‘edgy’ look, which they carried a little of in ther junior plus line last year, though I couldn’t fit it. There’s no such thing this year and what they do curently carry is more boho than anything.

    I do, however, admire Queen Latifah, and I love her run of Curvations. I hope that this goes through and I’m excited to see what designs will show up on the shelves.

    For now, it’s Torrid clearance racks for me.

  • Anonymous


    I’m new to TBF and I wasn’t aware of the ongoing Walmart debate.  Hats off to you all for being aware.  Here’s a thought, though: Did you ever consider that Wal-mart is the only store around for some because they bullied local business out of the communities they invaded?  I suppose for those folks, Wal-mart is now the only place to go but other people still have the choice to not shop there.

  • digitpx


    ughh!! Walmart is a terrible company who takes advantage of their employees! Why would she want to support that?

  • The Budget Fashionista


    Weave issues aside. The wardrobe/stylist on the movie did a phenomenal job on dressing QL. I mean that purple gown was fabulous.. absoluetly fabulous (I think it was Marc Bower- but I could be wrong) and I think it’s the first time that a plus size woman was not only THE lead in a movie, but on screen looking beautiful, wearing couture, and smooching it up with fine A** LL Cool J.

    For that, I ‘m willing to forgive any and all weave violations and say “All Hail the Queen”.

  • The Budget Fashionista


    Scarlett Girlfriend-

    We’ve been having the “Wal-Mart” debate on this site for quite some time now. Whatever feelings you may have about big W, it’s the only shop in town for many folks.

  • Scarlet


    I admire Queen Latifah but I have a major beef with Walmart.  There have been a few things in the news recently about Walmart’s bad treatment of employees, most notably the bad health insurance plans they offer their “associates.”  Walmart’s health insurance plans are often unaffordable to their underpaid associates and so the workers turn to state Medicare programs.  That costs everyone a lot of money (higher taxes) and so the savings you get from buying their low-quality goods (a lot of it produced in slum-like conditions in factories in China—oy, don’t get me started) comes back to bite you big.  I know this is kind of heavy for TBF but we could all make things better by practicing a little responsible consumerism.