25 Reasons You Shouldn’t Spend More than $75 on Your Prom Dress

There are several reasons you SHOULD NOT spend more than $75 (if you can more than $50) on your prom dress.

You’ll probably only wear it once. The memory of the dress will only live in photos in your mom’s living room. Unless you turn into one of those people who wear their high school lettermen jacket in college, it’s not the greatest night of your life (trust me, you’ll have many more). Your local thrift store (especially Salvation Army and Goodwill) are full of budget prom dress options for under $10, that you can “alter” to fit your style (for inspiration, watch the 80’s Molly Ringwald movie “Pretty in Pink”).

And these great prom dress options below:

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I was in what you’d call a small town during my senior year of high school. Actually, it was a military base overseas, so the options were basically “shop at the BX”. Since I didn’t want to see my clone everywhere at prom, my mom took me to a consignment shop off base. I spent a fraction of what the other girls did, and I got a truly unique prom dress. I still have it hanging in my closet, even though I don’t have a prayer of ever being able to wear it again, because it was so unique.

A year or two later, I wore it to a military Christmas party because it wasn’t so frilly, puffy and “prommy”. So I at least got multiple uses out of it as well.

My advice, dig for the rare treasures. Love this post!

I’ve also seen a few efforts to help alleviate the costs associated with prom. A few groups have been collected dresses which will be donated to high school seniors to wear to prom. Paying it forward is a beautiful thing. Anyone interested in donating dresses or knows someone who could benefit from a dress should look into these projects: i.e. The Pretty Girl Project in Michigan and Kadence LLC in NY.

I totally agree! I wish I could say that I spent less than $75 on mine but I never went above $120 when most girls were spending $200 plus. This was 10 + years ago so I can’t imagine what prices are now.
Katherine, can you do a post on not spending X amount on a wedding dress? You also only wear that once (hopefully!).

I would love a disocunted prom dress as I make $10 an hour as a cashier. However I love fashion and hope to go to fashion design school. I saw this online prom shawl site called Yours Elegantly and got a silver prom shawl for $19.99 and they gave me a silver tone bracelet as a free gift! Love it. I need to find sites like this and so I read the Budget Fashionista for coupons and reviews.

I spent over $600 on my prom dress. It was a two part dress, with a big puffy ballgown skirt and a gorgeous hand made corset. I wear the corset all the time and I wear the skirt probably about once a year. I intend to keep the skirt because it is adjustable as well. I feel I am still getting my money’s worth out of it!

Prom is definitely more fun when you haven’t broken the bank on your dress. Great post!

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