L’Oreal Studio Line Shine Seeker Glass Shine Shine Spray

What: Robin looks to get her hair out its shine slump with L’Oreal Studio Line Shine Seeker Glass Shine Shine Spray, $3.74.

The Lowdown: First of all, does this product have too many words in its name or what? That being said, I was eager to try anything since my hair is lacking vibrance and yep, shine, in this cold winter air. The label says that “super smooth silicones polish hair with a lightweight polymer.” Hmm, sounds kind of like a car wax to me. The thing that really threw me, though, was the first ingredient is alcohol, which I tend to think dries hair out more than it adds shine, but I test it out none-the-less. After drying my hair, I lightly spritz my locks and they immediately take on a greasy, piecey look. Not the image I was going for. My hair doesn’t actually feel as greasy as it looks, but I still spent the rest of the day with my hair pulled back in a ponytail because the spray made it look dirtier than it did before I washed it.

Yea or Nay?: Nay all the way. Even though this product is inexpensive, it’s still not worth it.

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