Artistry Lip Care Kit

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What: Angela trys out Artistry’s lip care kit, $22 for lip polish and lip conditioner set

The Lowdown: This time of year, cold dry air can mean raw chapped lips for lots of us, and that’s not pretty. This set by Artistry is pretty simple—the lip polish is a gentle scrub to smooth and exfoliate, and the lip conditioner is the follow-up, meant to sooth and moisturize. Does the lip polish smooth? Yep. Does the lip conditioner sooth and moisturize? Definitely, and has some staying power, so it protects and gives a little lasting extra shine at the same time. And they both smell great, besides. Told you it was simple, except . . .

Yea or Nay?: Here’s the except: It would be a Yea, but for the price—$22 for two little tubes (.34 ounces each)—is more than my budget-loving conscience can justify. If you are so desperate for soft, non-chapped lips that you’re willing to splurge, it’s might be worth it. But otherwise? I’m thinking there are cheaper options (Boots Wonderbalm anyone?) that do the trick.

Buy It: @ Quixtar, $22.

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