No Sweat! Get Fit in Style with These Pretty Workout Accessories

Summer‘s in full swing, which means many of us are in body-baring mode.  Even if we’re not into showing our midriffs at the beach, there’s nothing wrong with some lunges and power walks here and there. The problem?  Getting fit in style.

There once was 70 pounds more of me, so I had my share of observing other gym-going ladies who stuck to black canvas gym bags and plain ‘ole gray stainless steel mugs.  For shame!  Getting fit in style is all about turning our attention to pretty workout accessories.  That means color, femininity and . . . did I say color?

Weights Before and After
Get fit in style: Trade metallic gray colors (ho-hum) for colorful, more feminine workout accessories.


It’s time to toss our reused plastic water bottle aside and strike a yoga pose (or whatever floats our boat) in style.  Whatever our fitness routine – whether we’re at the gym, doing laps in a friend’s pool or breaking a sweat on our basement elliptical – I’ve got ideas for pretty workout accessories that add cheer to the day.

After all, life’s about exerting our style everywhere and the gym (or home treadmill) is no exception.  Here are some finds I couldn’t resist sharing.