Perk up Your Home with Pretty Flower Pots

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I love plants.  I mean, I once rescued a “dying” hanging ivy my ex-boss tossed in the trash and now, three years later, I have four new plants from it.  However, I’m guilty of keeping plants in the flower pots they came with (often beige and plastic) or worse, my own glassware.  Seriously, a coffee mug filled with tangled roots looks nasty after a while.

Time to perk things up!  I went on a mission to find pretty flower pots and was anything but disappointed.

The flower pots I found are the perfect way to make plants, and the areas around them, more spiffy.  Depending on the type and color of the plant, a pretty flower pot can really make it pop.  Plus, it can also create a nice focal point in the living room, hallway or patio.  There’s nothing like a pop of color or a unique texture to boost a ho-hum look.

All this, plus now I have some new mugs to enjoy my coffee from. Win-win!

Must-Have Flower Pots for Your Home

What kind of flower pots do you use?  Any coffee mug confessions?

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