Premier Comfort Plus Cushion Insoles: Product Review

What: Marilyn reviews Premier (brand) Comfort Plus Cushion Insoles $3(also available in double thickness for $5-6). You can find them online for as low as $.98.

The Lowdown: Maybe it is the onslaught of Fall and hard shoes after a summer of bare feet, sandals, and sneakers, but I am addicted to these. I like every step to be cushioned. Moreover, I have a narrow foot and I like a snug fit. Even narrow shoes can stretch and widen a bit.

I was delighted to find these at a shoe repair shop.  (I am delighted to find shoe repair shops, for they are dying breeds.), because they come in sizes that match your shoe size. Most varieties sold in drugstores, Target, etc.  come in one size and you have to trim it to fit.

Of course, I also get all of my shoe soles skimmed in rubber (unless they already are rubber). This costs about $22/pair, but it gives my shoes extra more cushion. helps them to last longer, and prevents slips. I’ve broken two (both) feet in the past 2 years and that is enough.

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