Practical Mother’s Day Gifts Under $40

Practical Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Wondering what to get your super-practical mom for Mother’s Day? Maybe you’ve already gifted her a monogrammed laundry sorter and a wristlet that also charges her phone. And now, ready to up your game, you’re searching for creative but still practice Mother’s Day gifts she’ll love. Perfect, because we have 8 picks for you, and they’re all under $40 a piece.

8 Practical Gifts for Mom


Wine block to protect lips and teeth

Wine Block ($12) is a clever balm that protects mom from “wine mouth” — that nasty purple tinge that clings to teeth and lips after a few sips of red wine. Simply apply to the mouth and teeth, and then drink without fear of looking like a vampire.

WineBlock is about the size of a lip balm, so it’ll fit nicely in mom’s charging wristlet. And, it’s vastly more convenient than brushing your teeth in the bathroom at the wine bar.

Wine Condoms

Wine Condom wine bottle sealer

Maybe there’s a theme here, but our second pick is the Wine Condom ($14 for 6). It’s called “Protection for Wine Lovers,” but we call it brilliant. The wine condom slips over the top of an open bottle of wine to seal it and keep it fresh. It’ll also prevents spillage, making it easier for mom to store her open wine bottles in fridge.

With Wine Condoms on hand, your practical mom can save those corks for something more important, like a DIY cork board.

Bluetooth Beanie

Bluetooth Beanie

The Bluetooth Beanie by Caseco ($39) features low-profile, built-in speakers. You’d think that would make for a heavy, uncomfortable beanie — but that’s not the case at all. It’s actually quite light and doesn’t feel much different from any other beanie.

On colder days and evenings, mom can wear her bluetooth beanie to enjoy some tunes while staying warm. And if she’s a multi-tasker, she can listen to music or a podcast when she’s supposed to be doing something else — if she keeps the volume low, no one would be the wiser.

ToiletStone Cleaner

Toiletstone toilet cleaner

ToiletStone ($10.50) is an cleaning block for — you guessed it — the toilet. Made from recycled materials, ToiletStone is a chemical-free way to clean away lime stains, rust, hard water stains and mineral build-up. The handle is designed to reach out-of-the-way places and the stone itself conforms to the inside of the bowl.

I like this product because it keeps the bathroom cabinet free of chemicals that can be dangerous to kids and pets.

Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder

Tweexy wearable nail polish holder

It’s about time someone innovated the process of applying nail polish. Tweexy ($10) slips over your fingers and securely holds a bottle of polish right where you need it. No more leaning over to dip the brush into the bottle. And no more tossing polish because you can’t get the last bit out of the bottle when it’s sitting on a flat surface. With Tweexy, you can tilt your hand to use every drop.

Flip and Tumble Backpack

Green foldable backpack

The Flip and Tumble backpack ($34) is a perfect travel companion, delivering on style and practicality. It measures 15″x16″ and can hold all your daily essentials. When you don’t need it, the backpack folds up into a 15″x4″ pouch. It’s also machine-washable and made of 100% recycled PET.

Thai Silk Jewelry Pouch

Thai silk jewelry pouch

The Thai silk jewelry pouch ($15) by Marisa Damico is a unique, handmade gift that looks vastly more expensive than it really is. The pouch features eight interior pockets for mom’s earrings, with plenty of space in the middle for necklaces and bracelets. Choose from 16 gorgeous colors — every one is handmade in the Marisa Damico studio in Southern California.

Finders Key Purse

Key holder that attaches to inside of purse

Finders Key Purse ($9) is a handy gadget that keeps mom from having to fish through the bottom of her bag to find her keys. Choose from various designs, including a few options featuring Swarovski crystals. Finders Key Purse will keep mom organized and safe — no more standing outside her car at night trying to grab a hold of those keys. This is key chain every purse-carrying lady should have.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Purple collapsible water bottle

Active, outdoorsy moms will love the Nomader ($25), a leak-proof, portable water bottle that’ll fit in her purse. It’s available in 16 bold colors, is made of 100% health-safe materials, and has a lifetime warranty. When moms not hiking the trail or hitting the golf course, she can roll up her Nomader and stash it almost anywhere.

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