How to Wear White After Labor Day

We’ve all heard the no white after Labor Day “rule,” to which I say “says who?”  I’m not saying we should step out in head to toe white, but we don’t have to give up on the shade at the stroke of midnight either.

Wearing white after Labor Day is a perfect reminder that it’s technically still Summer.  I mean, let’s not rush it: Fall begins September 22, so summer-lovin fashionistas should enjoy wearing the summery shade.  For those still on the fence about the no white after Labor Day hubabaloo (yes, I said “hubabaloo”), why not try wearing the color subtly?  Plus, considering the Fall 2013 Pantone colors include hues like Koi (orange) and Turbulence (heather/slate gray), the contrast of crisp whites sprinkled in the mix can make outfits pop.

The key is to incorporate white in subtle ways after Labor Day.  Small doses of white that peek without overpowering are key.  So rebels, (and those of us who just happen to like white, darn it), take a look at some items that are post-Labor Day must-haves.

Take Delight and Wear White After Labor Day with these Six Picks

[imagebrowser id=1031]

Will YOU wear white after Labor Day?  What white items here will you be wearing?



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