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The Lowdown: Do the words “plus size” and “workwear” strike fear in your heart? Afraid that, as a curvy girl, you’re relegated to picking between the floral muu-muu and the matronly box-cut suit? We know that even in 2010 that’s still frequently the case — but we promise you, there are versatile options out there. At Overstock, for instance, we found a king’s ransom of dresses we not only liked as workwear but also as day-to-night options for this crazy holiday season. For day, wear them alone or with a jacket and classic work-appropriate pumps, and switch them up at night with statement jewelry, funky shoes and/or an embellished cardigan.

The best part? You can get them for under $110 each — which leaves you so much more wiggle room for purchasing some great accessories. Maybe plus size girls finally are starting to get the budget love they deserve from clothing makers — we can only hope. Our picks from


Our Picks:

Plus Size Dresses

1. KM Collections Women’s Sleeveless Lace Dress, $79.99
2. Tahari ASL Women’s Plus Size Asymmetrical Sheath Dress, $44.99
3. Tahari ASL Women’s Houndstooth Short-Sleeve Dress, $83.99

Plus-size Dresses

4. Kiyonna Women’s Legacy Plus Wrap Dress, $89.99
5. Tahari ASL Women’s Plus Colorblock Dress, $109.99
6. Tahari ASL Women’s Plus Size Purple Ponte Dress, $99.99

Plus Dresses

7. Tahari ASL Women’s Jacket Dress Set, $96.99
8. Kiyonna Clothing Women’s Plus Size Vivienne Cinch Dress, $95.99

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I love #3, simple yet totally stylish, it would look great with some elegant jewelry.

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