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After a troubled retail past, Petite Sophisticate is making a bid to reclaim the petite market (it’s not like anyone else has stepped in and taken it over, right?), opening outlet stores in select locations and, now, offering online. Welcome to the 21st century, Petite Sophisticate—what took you so long?

Having checked out the online offerings (catering to women 5’4” and under, sizes 0-14), it’s much as we would have suspected—like Chadwick’s in the past, a bit too heavy on clunky lines and less-than-current designs. And while there are some nice pieces, like this basic black skirt and this chic keyhole blouse, overall, it looks like just business as usual. The prices? Not Target, but not Neiman’s either, so budget finds are a definite possibility.

So we’re not bowled over, but happy, at least, to have another convenient online option for petite fashion basics. And the dresses, all under $100 (like this matte jersey two-tone number, for $69), are worth a look.

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  • maria winter

    I found Petite Sophisticate at an upscale town in San Antonio years ago. I fell for it hard. cloths actually fit me, no more hemming pants or shoulder lines past the shoulder onto my arm and the length on a blouse fell right at my hips as it should not covering my buttocks like the regular blouses. the long sleeves also came to the end of my wrist and not beyond like regular size blouses with long sleeve blouses that go on and on as if they were made to be worn by primates. I also noticed that lines on blouses are designed to go horizontal making my breast seem larger and my stature shorter., I need them to be vertical to make me look slim & taller. I am petite but have to ware a large size blouse due to my breast size but a regular large blouse is HUGE for the rest of my frame. regular pants on the market are too long. Sure would enjoy and appreciate a Petite Sophisticates Boutique out here in Albuquerque, NM.

  • pintucked

    Petite Sophisticate is great but the construction and cuts are a bit subpar. I own a pair of pants from Petite Sophisticate; while I love that I didn’t have to shorten them, I dislike the slightly skewered line of the pant.

  • cheapischic

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but some of their dresses and tops just don’t come across as attractive. The patterns and the cut of the fabric are neither fashion-forward nor timelessly classic. And as a bargain hunter I would never pay $89 for a polyester houndstooth pattern dress when I can get a cuter cut from Walmart and Nordstrom’s at half price or less! I do agree there is a petite market out there (myself incl.) but I’ve also noticed Ann Taylor LOFT, NY&Co;., and scores other retailers now have petite lines, with pieces that I find more appealing than the (misled but well-intentioned)online offerings of PS.