What to Do When You’re Short—But Not “Petite”?

Dear Budget Fashionista:

What fashion advice do you have for someone who is short, but not “petite”?

A: It can be difficult to find clothes when you’re a shorter person who isn’t necessarily “petite”.  The first thing to remember is that the taller you appear, the slimmer you look. You’re goal should be to try and add a bit of height (via heels or hair) to your outfit every day.  Also follow these basic style rules:


Cropped anything—Pants, tops, jackets.

Flats—They will not give you the additional height you need.

Long, unstructured skirts—They will drown your shape and make you look shorter.


Heels—A heel of at least one inch will help elongate your body (both torso AND legs).

Tailor—A great one will make all the difference.

Low-rise boot-cut pants—These pants will help balance out your thighs and give your torso a longer look. Make sure the hem of the pants hits about an inch above the bottom of your shoe. This will give the illusion that your leg continues until the bottom of your shoe.

Slightly above-the-knee A-line skirts—Make sure to wear them with the heels.


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