Don’t Have a Valentine? Here Are Six Gifts to Buy Yourself

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February brings many things- New York’s Fashion Week, red carpet fashion faux pas, Ceelo in a red sequin suit on NBC’s “The Voice”, and, yes, Valentine’s Day. The “holiday,” which, if we’re being honest, was totally created by the greeting card industry, doesn’t have to be total downer for those who are unattached. In fact, I think you should celebrate it even more by buying yourself a special gift. We’ve got some ideas for you below.

Six Valentine’s Day Gifts to Buy For Yourself

1. A Fabulous Cocktail Ring

A Fabulous Cocktail Ring

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t bling out it. Buy yourself a fabulous cocktail ring (like the Kevia Ring shown above from Bluefly) for well under $100 or, if you’ve got it like that, go for the real deal from a store like Blue Nile. Unlike you’re attached friends, you get to pick the ring you want without having to deal with someone else’s feelings.

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