Pendant Lampshade:DIY

Nothing ruins a room more than an ugly light fixture. But often, finding the right light to add illumination and style to your room can be hard and expensive. Pendant lighting can easily bring a splash of color and an influx of character into any room. To get this great look on a budget, try making your own pendant lamp.

Here’s how you do it:


Here is what you need:
A ceiling fixture for a pendant light
A pendant or drum lampshade
Paper or fun funky fabric
Hot glue gun
Spray adhesive
Thick 1”- 1 1/2” ribbon

You can easily find an inexpensive fixture online at Also, search your local consignment and thrift stores for the lampshades. For my project, I bought the fixture from and the lampshade from a local consignment store. The paper I used was the Amy Butler scrapbook paper ($9.99) for Michael’s. I also picked up the ribbon from Michael’s from their $1 bin.

If you can’t find a shade you like, buy a lampshade wire frame from your local craft store. also carries a wide variety of lampshade frames and kits.

Make the shade

1. If you are repurposing a lampshade, gently remove the decorative cover from the plastic sheeting that surrounds the wire frame. This will separate the plastic from the wire frame. Remove the plastic so it lies flat. Be sure to mark the seams, so you can put it back together.
2. If using paper to decorate your lamp, lay the paper out with the pattern facing down and spray the back with adhesive. Then, lay the plastic on top of the paper and let dry.

If using fabric, lay the plastic on the fabric and trace an outline allowing for an extra half inch on the top and bottom for overlap. Then use spray adhesive to secure the fabric to the plastic sheeting.
3. Once the glue is dry, wrap the plastic sheeting in a circle and secure the seams with hot glue.
4. Use masking tape to help you secure the bottom wire circle to the bottom inside of the shade.
5. Run a small line of hot glue around the outside edge of the shade to secure the ribbon. Go slowly and make sure your ribbon doesn’t adhere crookedly. Use only ½” of ribbon on the outside edge.

6. Fold the remaining ribbon inside the shade, over the wire frame. Secure with hot glue. Remove the masking tape as you go. If you are using fabric, instead of ribbon, fold the extra fabric over the frame and secure with hot glue.
7. Repeat the process for the top frame.
8. Decorate with the extra ribbon.

Now, you’re finished. Hang your pendant lamp over a table or in your favorite reading nook.

Ideas for hanging your shade
Pendant lights hang from your ceiling and can be used as both task and general lighting. Usually, pendant lights hang over tables and counter tops, but don’t let that limit you. Pendant lights can style to any area of your home. Hang them over coffee tables, end tables, game tables or your favorite reading nook. You’ll create a unique look and free up table and floor space, taken up by lamps.

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