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Payless Designer Shoe Lines

Occasionally here at TBF, we kneel down and pay homage to the footwear gods for sending us Payless and once the budget shoe retailer began to hit the budget designer market heavily, we may have actually done a little happy dance of gratitude.

Why? Well, mostly the fact that the designs are not only reasonably fashion forward, but the shoes are also pretty darn good quality—we’d pit the lifespan of our Payless shoes against just about any mid-level brand, with a much higher pricetag, any day. And we’re not easy on our shoes—pounding the pavement in the name of budget fashion does take it’s toll.

The prices, of course, are slightly higher than your typical Payless fair, but that’s to be expected when a designer name is attached—and they’re still easily in line with anything you’ll find at our other budget shoe stop, Target.

Payless designer lines we keep coming back to:

1. Abaete. Abaete has been partnering with Payless for a while now and continues to bring a trendy but wearable vibe to the budget retailer’s offerings. The hues tend to lean towards the somber, but on the whole the line presents wearable, designer-worthy options to those of us who only wish we could afford high-end footwear . . .

Abaete for Payless Gladiator, $38″

2. Patricia Field. A relatively recent addition to the Payless designer stable, Patricia Field’s contributions are generally as quirky and colorful as you might expect from the, um, quirky and colorful stylist/designer, and still be wearable. We’re not sure we need a pair of silver metallic platform salsa sandals, but the great thing about designer at Payless is that you can afford to buy something not entirely practical without committing budget hari kari.

3. alice+olivia. One might expect much in the way of edginess at Payless, but the alice+olivia collection is far more edgy than one might expect—since it’s addition in 2008, the designers have featured lime green, giant polka dots, space-age wedges, and houndstooth footwear as part of their Payless offerings. Nice.

4. Lela Rose. If “ladylike” is an adjective that suits your style sensibility, Lela Rose’s Payless line (much like her runway collections) fit the bill. Lela Rose joined the Payless lineup in 2007, and has been bringing her curvy lines, pretty bows, and muted colors to the shelves ever since. We like.

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Monday 1st of February 2010

Payless Designer Lines - via @twitoaster


Tuesday 3rd of February 2009

Agreed with mandabear: the shoes at Payless hurt like hell.  Cheap shoes = hurting feet.  Footwear is one area where you shouldn’t shop for the cheapest product out there.


Friday 30th of January 2009

You know, Payless is hit and miss for me.  Most of the shoes are cute, but about 75% of the time they’re wicked uncomfortable.  And it seems to me that while the price for these designer lines have gone up, the quality has gotten worse- the shoes aren’t made to fit normal feet and last time I bought a pair I returned them the next day with 8 blisters on my feet. Same with Target. Which makes me sad, because I hate paying tons of money for shoes :(  I hope they get better, I won’t give up on Payless yet.  Thank goodness for secondhand stores and Old Navy, which I’ve had a lot more luck with.


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