Paper Flower Napkin Ring: DIY

Add a splash of color to your place settings for a party or picnic with an easy and inexpensive craft: paper flower napkin rings. The project takes very few materials: string, scissors a ruler and two colors of tissue paper, and can be completed in just a few minutes. In fact, we found the tissue paper at the dollar store – 30 20-by-20 sheets, which could make enough paper flowers for an entire wedding reception!

To start, measure and cut the tissue paper into four 5” x 7 sheets, one sheet in one color for the center, and three in another color. Stack the sheets together, with the color you’re using for the center on top. We used yellow for the center, and pink for the surrounding petals.

Next, fold the sheets together like an accordion every half to three-quarters of an inch, 10 times. When you finish you should have a strip that measures around 2/4 to 1 inch by 5 inches.

Snip the ends of the strip up and down into triangles.

With 12 inches of string, tie a knot around the center of the strip, leaving a long tail of string on one end (this will be used to tie around the napkin itself and will hold the flower in place). If you forget, just tie another, longer string around it now.

With the knot in the back, fan out the sides of the flower, starting with the center part. Gently pull the petals up and out from the center, then repeat with the layers underneath, until you have something resembling a paper flower.

Place your flower on a rolled up napkin and tie the string around the napkin, with the bow or knot in the back.

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