Outlet Alert: Diane Von Furstenberg Graphic Patterned Dress

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Here’s an example of WHY you shouldn’t PAY full price for anything you see on a celeb. Last week, I saw this EXACT, I mean the EXACT, same dress at the Diane Von Furstenberg outlet at Woodbury Commons. Don’t be fooled peeps, celebs (and their stylists) shop the outlet malls as well.

DVF Dress
Lindsay Lohan and somebody else wearing the same dress

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  • Sarah

    Im pretty sure forever 21 has the EXACT same dress!!! for $34 of course! lol

  • jessica marie.

    Oh my goodness, I love The Commons.  I found the DVF Betty Shantung silk wrap dress there for under $300.

  • TBF

    I saw both dresses

  • Susan S

    The DVF outlet at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets is great! You can get directions, join their shopper club, etc. at:

  • which color did you see? and how much was it? that’s interesting because the yellow dress on the right is new for spring. see it here at net-a-porter.

  • TBF

    I believe it was $125, down from like $500. I remember it cause I was shopping with a friend who has dark hair and I was like “that’s a cute dress”.

    Thanks for the tip.. Julie Bowen- got it

    and thanks single ma for the congrats

  • You’re on page 137 of Black Enterprise magazine.  Go ‘head mama!  Loved the article!

  • R

    That’s Julie Bowen from Boston Legal/Lost/Ed on the right 🙂

  • kaitlin

    do you know how much it was?

  • Samantha

    I have to say, it looks better on that ‘someone else’. Then again, I’ve never been a huge fan of Lindsay. (Plus, I think the dress is better in green, and the someone else’s shoes are so win over Lindsay’s..)