Quick Tips for Outlet Mall Shopping

Here are some quick tips for getting the most bang for your buck from Outlet Malls.

Tips for Shopping in Outlet Malls

Check Online for Coupons

Register online for outlet mall VIP clubs and receive exclusive discount coupons, including coupons for . For example, if you register online for the Chelsea Premium Outlet VIP club, you can receive coupons for up to an additional 25% off at outlet stores like Adidas, Furla, and Anne Klein.

Check Facebook and Twitter

Most top outlet malls have their own social media pages that list coupons and special deals. For example, on the Jersey Garden’s outlet mall facebook page, I found a coupon for 30% off at H&M.

Use Giftcards to Help Control Spending

There’s a tendency to overspend when it comes to outlet malls. Use a giftcard like the American Express Holiday Gift Card, which allows you to control your spending and give back. Amex gives your $3.95 fee back to charity and you don’t get charged any additional fees when you use it.

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