Autumn Spice: Amp Up Your Fall Makeup Routine with Orange Lipstick

It’s the color of carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkins—some of the wonderful things we love about autumn. And now you can recreate this yumminess with an orange lipstick that will celebrate the red, yellow, blue-green and golden undertones in your brown skin. Here are some must-haves for your makeup bag this fall.

Amp Up Your Autumn Look with Orange Lipsticks

For light skin:

Light Skin

A bright brown-orange, like the one Amber Stevens is wearing, is radiant on light-brown skin. Her wood-colored eyeshadow and nude blush make the orange lipstick the feature of her “face” for the evening.

Nars Love Devotion

You can get the look, too, with a lipstick like Nars Love Devotion, which you can purchase on the Nars Web site or at stores like Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s for about $25.

For medium skin:

Medium Skin

Model Eva Pigford is glowing with an even bronze complexion and a reddish-orange lipstick that showcases the warm tones in her skin.

Milani’s Orange Gina

Milani’s Orange Gina lipstick can help you to achieve this look, and it’s only about $5! You can find Milani cosmetics at stores like Target, Walgreen’s or CVS.

For dark skin:

Dark Skin

Cocoa skin looks dashing against orange lipstick. A sheer hue helps to accentuate the warm, reddish-gold undertones in “chocolate” women, and a sweep of bronzer over the cheeks and forehead will give the skin a healthy glow, even in the autumn months.

MAC Morange

A glossy shade like MAC Morange complements dark bronze skin beautifully. You can find it at the MAC store, your local Macy’s or on the MAC website for about $15.