Website Review: Onatoko

What: Onatoko offers unique funky finds from Japan, Hong Kong and Korea.

Lowdown: Here in the States, most of our exposure to Japanese fashion comes from a line designed by a pop star from Orange County, California. Here’s a chance to get the real deal. Most of the dresses have a unique Harajuku-type styling (one has a giraffe graphic adorned with a giant red bow) and are best approched by only the bold at heart. There are some great finds in the tops, however. A Petal Diva Top sells for $25.
The site also has sections for beauty (Shiseido products are featured), accessories, and fun junk (which includes a bikini pig palm mirror that’s pretty much what it sounds like).
Yea or Nay: Yea. Where else can you get a cute top and plush pig in a bikini in one place?

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