12 of Olivia Pope’s Best Looks

What Olivia Pope will wear in the coming season of Scandal is ripe for speculation. Go ahead and guess.

This season featured shades of gray, beige and safe black and white in her clothing. But wait a minute. The biggest question about her wardrobe is how ABC will handle Kerry Washington‘s pregnancy on the set.

No Power  in Fuchsia 

But as drab as most of the clothes in her wardrobe have been, we have to admit the color scheme serves her well. It doesn’t  distract you from seeing the raw power-hunger on her face and in her voice and demeanor.. And that’s what it is all about—power gone amok.

TBF’s Olivia Pope Best Outfits List

Belted Coat
Olivia Pope, in her Tattersall belted coat, is leading the charge to find new clients in this episode.
Navy and White
She commands like an admiral in Scandal, so nice to have the nautical look that goes with position.
Black and White Gown
Elegant gown in black and white for a woman who operates in gray areas.
Close to the Vest
Maybe Olivia Pope’s secrets—of which there are multitudes—is in this cream portfolio, which matches her bag as she wears bland beige jacket.
Soft Cool Suit
Skepticism and annoyance seem to cross Olivia Pope’s face even in this calming color pantsuit.
Red Dress
Kerry Washington sizzles in red. Her character “Olivia Pope” tends to favor muted, light colors, in contrast.
Political Signs
The gladiator sits, oh so, comfortably with political signs in the background. Of course, politics is her life blood. Disney
Pretty in pink in this steamy scene with the “President.”
Olivia Pope walks off into the sunset with her signature black and white clothing. She’ll be back, though.
Is Olivia Pope listening for a change? We say her houndstooth coat with sleeves meeting leather gloves elegantly is very sharp.
Saks Fifth Avenue paid tribute to Olivia Pope in a window display showig fashions she might pick. Maybe a little flamboyant, given her preference for understated colors.
Is Olivia Pope showing a little bump? Well let’s see how ABC handles Kerry Washington’s pregnancy in the new season.