Bring Your Jeans to the Workplace with These 5 Pay Day-Friendly Style Tips

Note: This article was inspired by a question from one of our readers, Atisha, who asked:

“Hi I’m looking for some fashion advice. I work in IT which can be a physical job. My day can consist of lugging laptops and desktop computers. Some days it also requires me crawling under desk or confined spaces. The office attire is business casual which means I can wear jeans. Can you suggest any more sophisticated styles. Thank you in advance for your time.”

Hope this guide helps, Atisha!

Just because your office attire got the green-light to go business casual doesn’t mean you need to slump into a daily-do of business boring.  Please, no more over-worn khakis and cardigans!  So, how do you pull off business casual while maintaining a stylish slant and comfort to boot?  It starts with the always acceptable pair of office jeans!  Let’s get acquainted with all the options.

Tips for Office Wear with Jeans

1. The Wash

Women’s Plus Premium Date Night Jeans, $59.94 available at Old Navy

During office hours,  you’ll want to wear your jeans in a dark wash.  It’s clean.  It’s professional. And it will polish your look to perfection!  Don’t be fooled by the term “Premium Denim”.  Though it sounds quite spendy, you should be able to find budget friendly options of the same caliber.

2. The Cut

Jag Jeans ‘Pearl’ Trouser Jeans (Dark Storm Wash), $41.98 from Nordstrom

At this point, it seems most everyone holds a sweet spot for their favorite skinnies.  And why shouldn’t they?  They make great office jeans!   Just be sure yours aren’t too tight, and balance the proportion with a loose fitting blouse or tunic.  You could also try a timeless straight leg, or bootcut trouser style.  Both will take your look to a longer,  leaner silhouette.  Avoid any cut that’s too wide or over-flared (so no bell bottoms!).   What some may see as relaxed, others may say — sloppy!

3.  The Latest Trends

We love that denim has expanded way beyond its humble beginnings, but you shouldn’t consider its latest incarnation your next pair of office jeans.   As cute and comfy as a pair of boyfriend jeans may feel on the weekend — they just don’t work in the workplace!  And obviously, the distressed look with over-the-top embellishments should never make it anywhere near your boss!  Colored jeans, however, are a fun way to break away from basic blue.  Stick with a dark shade (oxblood!) or the always-in black.

4.  The Waist

Anne Klein Women’s Petite Herringbone Jacket, $99.50 from Amazon

Remember the low-rider jean?  We always felt on the verge of experiencing a wardrobe malfunction while wearing this style.  Thankfully that look is au-passé.  And a higher waist is here to stay!   If you haven’t already , get yourself a pair of high waist trouser jeans.  Similar to a classic work pant, yet finished in the comfort of denim.  This style could easily be your best option for office jeans!

5.  The Rest Of The Outfit

Now, to keep your outfit on par with what’s work appropriate you’ll need to find the right accoutrements.  A silky printed bow blouse and tailored blazer add structure to the everyday ease of jeans.  Or you could try a ladylike tweed jacket to lend a feminine twist.  Complete the look with an elegant flat or pointy toe pump.  And accessorize with an enamel cuff.  The morning meeting never looked so good!

How do you style your office jeans?