Six Awesome Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses to Scare Your Mom For Under $50

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Not feeling the traditional white wedding gown? Does the thought of a wedding dress from David’s Bridal gives you hives? Well we’ve got you covered, with our picks for six non-traditional wedding dresses, all for under $50. While laws might restrict certain types of marriage, fortunately, there’s no restriction on the type of wedding dress you choose to wear on your big day. We LOVE the fact that many people are choosing to diversify when it comes to wedding dresses (you have to admit that most of the dresses are starting to look the same). Check out our picks after the jump.

The Beach Wedding Dress

Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

Asos Ruch Front Cotton Maxi Dress, $43.96 at

The Super Sweet Dress

Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

Cherry Blossom Mesh Dress, $24.80

The Black Dress (ok not under $50 but Kathryn really loves this dress)

Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

Asos Open Back Side Split Maxi Crepe Dress, $60.87 at

The Oh No You Didn’t (But Yes I Did) Dress

Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

Crochet Web Knit Dress, on sale for $49.00 at

The After Work Wedding Dress

Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

ASOS Dobby Mesh Panel Dress in Red, $43.96 at

The “I’m-Not-A-Dress-But-A-Jumpsuit” Wedding Dress

Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

Charm Trim Lurex Linen Jumpsuit, $49.00 at

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  • Donna

    Wow guys…………………………..great work david.Had I seen this before my wedding I would have surley got something from here to look different.For I like being different in everyway.
    Hope the brides that make the choice will look beautiful.

  • I am want to get some fancy clothing for the new season. This kind of concept appears to be definitely nice, almost certainly I am going to move forward with purchase.

  • JB

    HAhaha….Go ThatChick!!

    Try looking for like “swing” dresses, “party” dresses (as in like 1950s style), or prom dresses, OR dresses on sale at dept stores, etc.

    Here are 5 under $50! (All from just b/c I’m lazy and stayed on one site):

    1. – Cutesy white dress
    2. – I picture this in a backyard wedding at sunset…
    3. – Pretty beach wedding or elopement in Mexico…
    4. – City Hall wedding (accessorize with belt, gloves, and cute little “pill box” hat)
    5. – Put your hair in “pin-up girl” curls with a huge bouquet of white and blue flowers…

    Done!! And your mom might even like some of these 🙂 .

  • ThatChick

    I’ve accepted your challenge and have a few looks I’d like to share!Should I e-mail them to you?

  • ThatChick

    Can you say HATED IT!!! SERIOUSLY – these are supposed to be alternatives to wearing a wedding dress?!! I’m ALL for being different (to a degree), but I wouldn’t be caught dead in one of these get-ups…..well maybe on Halloween!! Come on – you couldn’t have done better than 6 ‘outfits’ that scream “look what I made in home ec” or “look what I found at the flea market”?!!

    • @ThatChick think you can do better for under $50? Send us your post and if it’s good we’ll link to it on the facebook page