Louis Vuitton Wins Suit Against eBay

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What: French courts ruled in favor of Louis Vuitton in a lawsuit the luxury brand filed against eBay concerning the knockoff Louis Vuitton merchandise sold on the auction site, according to ValleyWag. The amount of the award? 40 million euros, or 63 million dollars. Now that’s a lot of purses.

What We Say: Every woman has an opinion on knockoff designer merchandise.  We’ll leave this debate up to you guys in the comments and forums—are knockoffs an acceptable way to get designer-looking merchandise for cheap? Or should buyers hold off until they can afford the real thing? Finally, does eBay have a right to sell fake designer bags? If you want to know how to spot a fake, check out The Budget Fashionista’s guide to figuring out if your Louis Vuitton bag is fake.


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  • sunshinestyles

    I think it’s fine to aggresively stop knockoffs on ebay or anywhere else.  They look horrible, and they only devalue the real thing- I’d never carry a Louis Vuitton classic bag because everyone has a knockoff.
    However, I think it’s unfair that the suit also penalized ebay for the unauthorized sale of genuine Louis Vuitton handbags.  LV wants to have their bags sold only at certain stores, and they won’t allow people who have obtained authentic bags to sell them on ebay or elsewhere.  That’s unfair, because once the item’s in the market, it should be able to be bought and sold by anyone.  Hopefully this won’t become a trend that lets other designers keep their authentic goods off of ebay!