Looking for a Swimsuit on a Budget? Head to Newport-News

Every summer, I update my Guide to Swimwear.  During the process of updating the guide, I visit pretty much every site that sells swimsuits under $50. I’ve shopped pretty much every store with a swimwear department and there has been only one place that has consistently, year after year, offered a great selection of swimwear, for all sizes, all budgets – Newport-News.com.  When picking my five favorite swimsuits for under $50, I had to limit the number from Newport-News to two.

While the other offerings from the online/catalog retail may be up for debate, there’s no denying that Newport-News currently has the best selection of fashionable swimwear, for all sizes (including tall and petite), for those who are on a budget. Better than Victoria’s Secret, who has great deals on sexy swimsuits that look good on about 1% of women.  Better than Lane Bryant, whose plus size swimsuits look big black sacs. Better than Old Navy, whose 2007 offerings are surprising unstylish and expensive ($49.50 for a swimsuit from Old Navy, nah). Even better than Target, who, while still a great place to find budget swimwear, does not offer the range of sizes that Newport-News offers.

Some of my favorite suits from Newport-News
Backless Halter Suit, $20.00
Triangle Bikini, $25.00
Bandeau Tankini, $29.00
Plus Size V-Neck Halter Suit, $31.00 at Newport_news.com



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