Looking for a Swimsuit on a Budget? Head to Newport-News

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Every summer, I update my Guide to Swimwear.  During the process of updating the guide, I visit pretty much every site that sells swimsuits under $50. I’ve shopped pretty much every store with a swimwear department and there has been only one place that has consistently, year after year, offered a great selection of swimwear, for all sizes, all budgets – Newport-News.com.  When picking my five favorite swimsuits for under $50, I had to limit the number from Newport-News to two.

While the other offerings from the online/catalog retail may be up for debate, there’s no denying that Newport-News currently has the best selection of fashionable swimwear, for all sizes (including tall and petite), for those who are on a budget. Better than Victoria’s Secret, who has great deals on sexy swimsuits that look good on about 1% of women.  Better than Lane Bryant, whose plus size swimsuits look big black sacs. Better than Old Navy, whose 2007 offerings are surprising unstylish and expensive ($49.50 for a swimsuit from Old Navy, nah). Even better than Target, who, while still a great place to find budget swimwear, does not offer the range of sizes that Newport-News offers.

Some of my favorite suits from Newport-News
Backless Halter Suit, $20.00
Triangle Bikini, $25.00
Bandeau Tankini, $29.00
Plus Size V-Neck Halter Suit, $31.00 at Newport_news.com



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  • I love Newport News swimsuits!  I’ve bought from them every year for the last 10 years.  The prices are way better than in stores or Victoria’s Secret, and the quality is excellent.  They have lots of choices of tops and bottoms, and the fabrics are substantial, with flattering cuts.

  • Erica

    I recently bought a Calvin Klien one piece with removable straps at TJMaxx for 27 dollars (tax included). It is relly different looking and it was such a good deal. I don’t like my bum too much and it covers it very nicely. I like my stomach but sometimes I think one pieces are nice b/c they seem sexier to me.

  • Summer

    Thanks for the ideas- the black backless halter suit is SO cute!  I’ve had a lot of luck this year at Lord and Taylor- while their suits are a little pricier, they have a great selection, and I find they’re well worth it.  Plus their Friends and Family sale is going on now (20% off everything!) so it’s the perfect excuse for shopping!

  • jj

    While I hate that first suit (it looks like a big arrow saying “look at my crotch”), and many of their other clothes have quality issues, I have to say I’ve found some nice swimsuits with excellent fit at NN for totally reasonable prices over the years.

  • You are spot on about NPN. Also, wanted to share that I actually found great suits for my mom and 20-year-old sister at Marshall’s. Granted they each had to try on about 15 suits before finding a winner (I acted as the runner while they suited up), but both were sensational and under $30. However, I think the trick with places like TJ’s and Marshall’s is you have to go early in the season.

  • Anne

    Thanks for this post!  I just got their catalog and I am amazed at their offerings.  I just can’t see spending more than $50-60 on a swimsuit that’s only going to last me 2, maybe 3 summers.