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When I was in college I thought I was going to be a politician and I took, as every future politician does, the first step on my path to the White House- I interned for a summer in DC.

It was a very unstylish step.

Style became a distance second to comfort after my first week of walking the carpetless, long, underground corridors that connect our nation’s capital and after the first month, my budding bunions begged for relief. In 1996,  there was really only one place to go for comfy shoes, Naturalizer. On any given Saturday, the Naturalizer store in Tysons Corner would be filled to the brim with interns, staffers, lobbyists, and the occasional Congresswoman, all trying to score a new pair of sensible pumps.  We didn’t ask for style-  just comfort and the ability to help us wade through the pile of **bleep** that’s everywhere in DC.

Bunions over Beauty

Naturalizer stores continue to be the spot for comfy, borderline stylish, shoes that would make your grandma proud and your bunions sigh. However, the store’s website features updated styles that successfully mix comfort and style, in sizes 5-12M (also includes wides and narrows)- like the boots featured above (on sale for $129.95) or the red platform pumps shown to the right (on sale for $39.95) .

The site also features updated (read: more expensive) pricing, which is why I suggest heading to the sale section first. Like it’s comfort-style competitor, Aerosoles, everything eventually ends up on sale for a substantially reduced price within 6 to 8 weeks. Plus, offers free shipping.


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