Natural Weed Killer: Budget Gardening Tip

Obviously, the first step to naturally kill weeds is to just pull them out by hand or with an inexpensive hand weed puller, such as for dandelions.

However, if you want a weed killer that’s made from natural products you already have around your home and that’s safe for pets and people, consider mixing up a batch of this natural weed killer.

You will need:
1 cup salt (we used rock salt; table salt can also be used)
1/4 cup liquid organic dish soap (such as Mrs. Meyers or Seventh Generation)
1 gallon vinegar, 5% acetic acid

To make:
Mix all ingredients together in a bucket. The rock salt will take longer to dissolve than using table salt, so mix thoroughly. You will also need to stir or shake up the solution every time prior to using it on the weeds.

To use:
Pour mixture into a spray bottle and spray or squirt a small amount of solution directly onto the weeds. Be careful not to spray any areas where you do not want to kill vegetation. For best results, spray right before the hottest part of the day, but it will still work if you spray it on late in the evening.

Also make sure that the two days after spraying will be dry – rain will wash off the solution and make it less effective.

Large or dense areas of weeds or unwanted grass might have to be sprayed two days in a row.

Also, the solution will not prevent weeds from coming up in the future, so additional applications may be necessary. This isn’t commercial-strength weed killer, but is certainly cheaper and more environmentally- and people- friendly to use around your home.

Before and after photos were taken in the morning and evening of same day.

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