5 Global Fashion Trends to Try Now

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Whenever the boutique windows on my favorite shopping path aren’t providing me with excited inspiration, then I know it’s time to surpass boundaries. Sure the world is getting smaller, globalization etc., etc., but somehow a lot of the hottest fashion trends from across the globe still fail to make it to our own wardrobes. When I get bored with the same 5 trends that I see everywhere, I shake it up with 5 new trends from other countries. Let these trends shake up your zip code as well:

Must Try Global Fashion Trends



In Brazil it’s all about rocking a Bahian inspired headscarf. Think Minnie Mouse meets Carmen Miranda and you’ve got the look. Polka dots, stripes and big time colors. Use a scarf, a bandana or a headband with extra material detailing. The best thing about this look is that it can be an easy fix for a bad hair day…that, and it puts you in the immediate mood for a little samba and caiprinhas. Beleza!


France - Zoe Karssen

In France the “must de la saison” according to Marie-Claire France as well as the trendiest ladies on the streets, is the imprinted sweater. It seems simple, but leave it to the French to glamorize a boring sweatshirt with a phrase like “oh la la” imprinted over it, or a big lion’s face. The key to doing this look right is, of course, to be as Frenchie as you can with it. Quoi? That means that if you’re wearing a sweatshirt on top, pair it with glam accessories like bright red lips, faux leather leggings or killer pumps. Try this look by Zoe Karssen or make your own at Café Press.

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  • Monicatnyc2

    These are all classic examples of “everything is not for everybody”. Although I like the white outfit from Shanghai, none of these are “universally flattering”. Yet, then again, Audrey Hepburn and Oprah Winfrey are my “style icons”. I don’t really do “trends”.

  • A nice round up for fashion round the globe.

  • Maslinda

    Shanghai!! Fits best with my tastes and style..Adorable!! Nice post!!