Fresh Faced for Fall 2013: 5 Beauty Trends to Try Now

Whether you’re not quite letting go of your maxi dresses and wedge sandals, or you’ve already broken out your sweaters and leather, there’s no mistaking that it’s time to get in sync with the new season.  What holds up in hot and humid won’t work in the dipping temps, particularly with our beauty routines.

Here are some easily applied A/W trends that you can incorporate now.

Fall Beauty Trends You Must Try!

Cat Eyes


The sixties staple is making a comeback!  For a non-messy application, try a cake liner and angled brush to give your eyes the drama they deserve.

The Low Pony


Good news for your bad hair day, the low pony is in!  This girl-on-the-go fave is an easy fix for all types of texture. Smooth off the frizz with a bit of oil. Then pull your hair back at the nape of the neck.

Copper Lids


Metallics never seem to stray far in the world of beauty, but this season’s standout is copper.  Blending beautifully on most skin types, it’s a sparkly neutral that goes well both day and night.



Don’t let go of your summer braids just yet!  The plaited look is sticking around for fall.  And just because it looks like a fancy up-do, doesn’t mean it’s hard to do.  Part your hair in the middle, make two pigtail braids behind the ears, then pin them up to the top of your head.

Stained Lips


Don’t worry, you can still achieve a stained lip similar to the ones that went down the runway without looking like you downed a carafe of red wine, or spent the past 20 minutes with a cherry ice pop. Apply a deep shade of rouge (don’t worry about a perfect line), then blot twice with a tissue.

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