The 10 Must-Have Spring Dresses Under $40

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Ode to the dress:

The one-piece wonder that let’s you get dressed better and faster than your casual go-to pair of jeans and cotton t-shirt, you let us look polished and put together in seconds. Comfortable, chic, and spicier than ever, you truly know how to heat up any day with a swoosh of fabric or flash of knee. We love you!

Especially when it’s spring. Here are our favorite must-have dresses for spring. Oh, and they’re all under $40 which means we’ve got you covered all week long. With options.

Spring Dresses You Must Have in Your Wardrobe!

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  • Coincidence & Chance Lace Sleeveless Shift Dress Has to be one of my favorite out of the 10 you have in the slideshow. It’s so simple, yet so beautiful! Thanks for this great post! These dresses look like they could cost so much more!

  • I’m loving both of the Urban Outfitters dresses, especially the Pins and Needles Crepe Surplice Dress!