Mothers Day Gift Guide: Creative Gifts for the Foodie

Go and take a peek in your mom’s pantry. Do you see multiple varieties of salt? Or, a collection of gourmet teas? If she loves to eat as much as she loves to cook, and is known to enjoy every meal as a sensory experience, she’s a foodie. And the best Mother’s Day gift for a foodie is the one that celebrates her interest in all things cuisine.

Here are my top picks for Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the foodie in your life — all under $40.

A Little Pick-Me-Up

Nomad is a coffee subscription company specializing in eco-friendly and fair-trade offerings from around the world. There’s a feel-good component to this gift: with every purchase, Nomad gives back to its network of farmers to improve  sustainable coffee growing.

When you gift the Nomad Club, mom gets a monthly sample from roasters around the world. Her beans are delivered fresh, complete with tasting notes and brewing tips.

The Coffee Companion

A cup o’ Joe and a soft-baked biscotti is a lovely way to start the day. These treats by Marlo’s Bakeshop are delish — not too sweet and just the perfect amount of crunch to hold up when dipped in coffee. They’re made with clean, natural ingredients too.

Marlo’s soft-baked biscotti variety pack has four flavors: banana bread, coffee cake, banana bread and chocolate chip brownie. They’re all tasty, but I especially love the original and chocolate chip brownie.

Sweet Shop

For her sweet tooth, these crunchy chocolate chip cookies hit the spot. Tate’s Founder Kathleen King used this cookie recipe to launch Tate’s Bake Shop back in 2000. The crisp, buttery and addictive cookie is now legendary.

A package of these does not last long in my house! Even my husband — a connoisseur of soft chocolate chip cookies — is eager to indulge in these crunchy treats.

Cupcake to Go

Another sweet indulgence is the cupcake in a jar by Wicked Good Cupcakes. Each cupcake jar contains a decadent, double-size cupcake layered with filling and topped with frosting. Pick up a variety pack for mom, but be sure to include the signature flavor — a rich peanut butter and chocolate mashup with a crunchy cookie crumb.

These cupcake jars last up to 10 days without refrigeration and up to 6 months in the freezer.

Energize Anything

This is a caffeinated, no-additive powder stick made with un-roasted green coffee beans and stevia. Green coffee beans, containing rich antioxidants, are associated with anti-aging and improved cholesterol levels. Mom can mix pureLYFT into water, smoothies or juices for a quick, zero-calorie, healthy energy boost.


Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Colavita Premium Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $12, Colavita

Extra virgin olive oil is a chef’s staple. Colavita’s is the perfect everyday oil with a delicate flavor and a balance of fruity and spicy flavors. The Colavita trademark flavor is creating by sourcing from select new harvest extra virgin olive oils. Mom can use it for light sauteing to drizzling over everything from hummus to homemade pasta.

Somethin’ Smokey

This clever kitchen must-have is a buttery, smoky, peppery olive oil that’ll put a new, bacon-y spin on mom’s favorite dishes. With Smoked Olive Oil in her pantry, mom’s dinner parties will be the talk of the town. Smoked pesto, smoked salad dressing, smoked pizza…so many possibilities!
Holy Smoke’s Smoked Olive Oil is completely vegan too. The oil is sourced from California and cold-smoked in Charleston, S.C.

The Best BBQ at Home

OK, so there’s a theme here. I love smoky flavor. I have a traditional smoker and have been known to experiment. My smoked chocolate chip cookies didn’t turn out so well, but those smoked peaches made the most amazing ice cream.

The challenge is that I can’t fire up the smoker quickly, nor does it work very well if it’s cold outside. This mini stovetop smoker solves both issues. And it delivers that same rich smoked flavor without any added fats or salts. Mom can use it for fish and meat, as well as fruits and vegetables. And bonus, this mini smoker also doubles as a steamer.

Thank you to Marlo’s Bake Shop, Tate’s Bake Shop, Colavita, Holy Smoke and Cameron’s Products for sharing product samples. We’re giving all these items away too! Check back after April 1 for contest details.

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