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Mother Of The Bride: 6 Ways To Look Your Best For The Big Day

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Being the Mother of the bride (or groom) is enough to break most put-together women out into a cold sweat. You probably haven’t agonized over one outfit since your own wedding day. Yet it’s a milestone moment in a woman’s life when she should look and feel her best.

While it may be the Bride’s big day, it’s also a huge moment for the mother — the second most fabulous woman there. Follow our top tips to navigate the day in style and ensure you turn heads for all of the right reasons.

It’s All About The Fit

A great fitting outfit can make you look slimmer and stand taller, so don’t underestimate the importance of having off-the-rack pieces altered to fit your body.

If you are top (or bottom) heavy, go for separates to give you greater control of the fit. A-line skater shapes skim the body, highlighting the waist and disguising big hips.

If in doubt, tunic shapes are universally flattering — just team with heels to stay out of the frumpy zone. And remember the two golden rules; never go too tight and never go too short.

Know Your Colors

While you may wish to keep in theme with the bride’s color scheme, knowing which shades suit your complexion will help you to narrow down options.

Hold up different hues of fabric against your skin to see which look best against your skin tone. If you tend to get flushed, steer clear of  reds, pinks and corals which will only exacerbate the problem. Instead try soft pastel shades of blue and green that give a cooling glow.

Dress From The Inside Out

Take your cue from French fashionistas and dress from the inside out. Great fitting underwear can take pounds of you and give you a sleeker silhouette.

If your tummy is your problem area, control pants will help to smooth out lumps and bumps. A well-fitting bra can also help to create the illusion of a slimmer waist too.

After 40 breasts change shape, so go for a fitting ahead of the wedding to ensure you’re wearing the correct size — after all a staggering 80 percent of women wear the wrong size bra which can lead to back pain and bad posture.

Think About Balance

Bold prints can look fresh and flattering for Spring and summer weddings. While many women can fear prints, it’s easy to wear them (without them wearing you) when you pair with plain pieces.

Team pretty prints with a plain jacket, pashmina and accessories to help balance out your look. A tailored jacket will also add structure to floaty dresses and trousers. If you hate your arms but don’t want to wear a jacket, long lace sleeves show a hint of skin but will still keep you covered.

Experiment With Hats

Hats are sure-fire way to add a serious dose of glamor to any mother of the bride outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different size hats. As a general rule; the bigger the hat, the more glamorous the outfit feels. Fascinators are a great alternative if you a feel a hat may be too much for a less formal wedding.

Flaunt Your Best Bits

While many women can become addicted to long floaty skirts as they get older, they tend to look dated and frumpy. Embrace your legs and ankles with a more tailored knee-length style. The chic shape will make you look youthful but still elegant. Avoid ankle-strap shoes which can make legs look shorter and go for a nude or pale pump which helps to elongate the legs.

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