The H&M of Beauty: Missha

Ever since Sephora accused my mother of shoplifting a tube of mascara, I’ve been on the look out for a new spot to fill my beauty jones. Now, it’s not that I don’t love my Rite Aid and Walgreen’s, it’s just sometimes you want to shop at store that doesn’t have your L’Oreal in the same aisle as the Preparation H (which, by the way, is excellent for reducing under eye puffiness).  Thanks to my friend Julie Fredrickson, the fabulous blogger behind Almost Girl,  I’ve found my new spot, Missha.

Missha is sort of like Sephora meets CVS, with a little Korean flavor thrown in for good measure. The range of products- from the $4.99 mango body cream (which smells heavenly and about $10 bucks cheaper than the mango body butter at the Body Shop) to the $2.49 microfiber pore cleaning towel, is quite amazing. The Korean company even features a complete line of products for men, which I plan on purchasing for Tobias so he will stop secretly using my Olay Face wash.

What I bought

  • Styling Spider Wax—$4.99. It reminds me of Elmer’s school glue, which is exactly what I need to tame my hair.
  • Nail Polish—$1.49 Here’s a little secret—almost all nail polish is made of the same ingredients, so there is no reason to spend more than $2.00 on a bottle. This bottle is the perfect size and the perfect price.
  • Fruits Juicy Lip Gloss—Grape $3.99. Skip Lancome, skip L’Oreal, this juicy lipgloss is cheaper and better. Plus, it tastes like grape Kool Aid.
  • Microfiber Pore Cleaning Towel—$2.49. I can’t afford facials, so I’m hoping this will do the trick.
  • Herbal Garden Hand Cream in Ylang Ying—$4.99. I have a bit of an ash problem (hence my love of Vaseline and Eucerin). This hand cream not only reduced my ash level, but made my hands smell wonderful. Every time I wash my hands, I slather on a bit of the hand cream, and then sniff my hands, which I must stop doing. Yesterday, when coming out of a bathroom at Columbia University smelling my recently lotioned hands, a student looked at me and commented to her friend, “that’s gross”.

Like pre-US expansion H&M, Missha’s three stores are only located in New York (5th Ave & 43rd, Spring& Broome, and Queens Center). Until your next trip to NYC , check out Missha’s website. You can’t purchase products from the well designed site, but you can learn more about the company and its line of products. UPDATE: You can now buy Missha products online at their website . . .


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