First Lady Fashion Regrets

Sure, she may have single handedly launched the careers of today’s hottest designers (Hi Jason Wu!), but that doesn’t mean the FLOTUS doesn’t have fashion regrets.  As a guest on BET’s “106 & Park,” Michelle Obama was asked about her biggest fashion regret, to which she answered.

“Sometimes I forget I’m the first lady and I’m running around in shorts. I know the first time we went on a family vacation, I had shorts on getting off of Air Force One and that created a huge stink because people were like, ‘She’s wearing shorts getting off of Air Force One!’ And I thought, ‘What? We’re on vacation!’ It was hot! So I’ve avoided shorts getting off of Air Force One.”

So, there you have it.  Mrs. Obama’s biggest fashion regret boils down to a pair of shorts.  Hmm… Our fashion regrets run a bit deeper than that.  Overalls, bad tie dye shirts, and DIY bangs come to mind… What’s your biggest fashion regret?  And don’t worry, you can comment anonymously, so spill below!


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