Michelle Obama Is On Pinterest, Or: Our Newest Bestie Pin Pal

We’ve always known that Michelle Obama loves us (after all, we’re like budget fashion soul mates with the stylish First Lady) but now that she’s got her own Pinterest we feel even closer to the iconic Mrs. O.

Okay, all kidding aside (were we kidding?) we were  more excited than even we care to admit when we got word that Michelle Obama has her own Pinterest — but we were also a little disappointed when we discovered that, as of this writing anyway, there are no “Mrs. O’s Style” pinboards. Sure, we like the glimpse into “real life” at the White House but seriously what we want in our heart of hearts is a “My Style” board to creep on, er, we mean use as fashion inspiration. But maybe that’s just us.

The account, of course, is actually run by the 2012 campaign staff (as the description notes with appropriate transparency) but we will give the First Lady props for signing her personal pins in an adorable way (“-mo”), and we guess that any Pinterest account that had only 16 pins and 8,953 followers is doing something right — AND is clearly a sign that Pinterest has reached iconic status itself.

Check out Michelle Obama’s pins, and read more at Mashable.com.
And Mrs. Romney… Don’t be jealous… We’re checking out your Pinterest tomorrow…


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