Mexx to Close Its US stores

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What: Mexx, the European high/low end store now owned by Liz Claiborne, Inc, is closing it’s US stores on September 3rd.

What the fashion heads say: Second City Style:

First gap closes Forth and Towne and now Liz Claiborneis nixing Mexx’s U.S. stores. But have no fear, the Europeans have shown no indication they’re closing, so we can still order online from Germany, the Netherlands and France.

What I say: The clothes at Mexx was a little too, umm, boring, to compete with the likes of H&M and Forever 21.

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  • Heather

    As far as I know Mexx is still going strong in Canada. If you like it that much you can always try coming up here instead of trying to buy overseas.

  • Alexa

    If you can get to the store on 52th and 5th in NYC then go now! The entire store was 70% off and I got some great staples for work. Be prepared to dig through the stuff and make your own dressing room in a corner but you will be glad you did. I got a trenchcoat, gray crapis, a plaid capri suit, a evening bag and a button down top for $50.

  • kd

    I never liked Mexx because something was always a little “off” in their clothes to me—- whether it be fit, scale (a purse being a weird size, for example), or color.

    I had high hopes for them but was always disappointed.

  • Robin

    I’m bummed. I really liked the clothes there. It’s hard to order offline especially if it’s overseas. This is a sad day in retail.

  • Jeanine Drost Guidry

    Mexx boring? No way! It’s my favorite store and I am incredibly disappointed to see it close here in the US – and by the way, ordering online as far as I have tried only works in Europe. Mexx has good quality and great detailing – and I usually shop both Mexx and H&M. Now I will have to go back to shopping in Holland when I am visiting family.

  • camille

    Wow! I was wondering why they were having a big insane fire sale in there.

    I never liked anything in there, Im surprised they lasted this long.