Meggings (Men in Leggings) in 2013: Until Then, Here are Cool Finds for the Ladies

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Move over, Justin Bieber and Russell Brand.  The tights they often sport – dubbed “Meggings” (Men + Leggings = Meggings) — may soon be a common sight on men everywhere, from our neighbor Lou to our Uncle Wesley.  Oh, boy.  Word in the fashion world is that come 2013, these “Meggings” could be all the rage.

Meggings: Yea or Nay?

Personally, I’m not sure if we’re ready for this.  It’s not that we don’t appreciate the male form, it’s just that we’re not sure we want to see so much of the um, form, especially in places like the supermarket, church or at the dinner table.  Whitesnake in the 80’s?  Yes.  Bieber today?  Yeah, I guess.  But there’s something about the  landlord telling us about rent increases while wearing emerald green ribbed leggings that makes us uncomfy.

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However, Meggings hasn’t taken the fashion world by storm . . . yet.  Time will tell.  So, until every coffee shop, workplace and mall is knee-deep in Megging-mania, us ladies are going to steal the show.

What are some of your favorite leggings?  How do you wear them?

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  • UnJeans Leggings

    Leggings for men is not a new trend – one that’s been around for years. As someone who sells leggings to men and women around the globe at
    UnJeansdotcom – I know people are wearing and enjoying them.

    It’s time to get over the body image constraints and go for the comfort. Just wear them. Leggings are perfect casual wear for women AND men.
    Having worn leggings for years, I’m aware of people’s comments both negative
    and very positive. After all, it’s not the leggings on the man but the man in the leggings. Everyone looks good in leggings and some people look great!

    If more people, women and men, wear leggings, then it will just be another apparel choice. At one time denim jeans were worn only by miners digging for gold. Now they are everywhere and nobody asks whether you’ve struck

    So never say never – when you do decide to wear leggings, choose a well made pair – not with cotton fibers that bag out over time but a high tech fiber that retains its shape.

    No pockets on leggings? – no problem – wear a belt pack. When wearing
    leggings I’m actually more comfortable when my wallet isn’t sticking in my butt
    (like it does when I’m wearing baggies) Instead it’s conveniently at my waist
    with my keys, cell phone, etc. All your stuff is right with you and more accessible.
    Go for the comfort and support of a great pair of leggings and enjoy.

    • VTHigh

      “It’s time to get over the body image constraints …” Well, within reason. From what I’ve seen, leggings on men look hideous. Should we wear skirts too, as they are most comfortable?

  • Durangolocs

    I do wear leggings & they feel very comfortable.. I like wearing leggings when I’m at the gym & also I wear them when as longjohns. leggings are a lot warmer than longjohns.

  • Someone

    meggings??? thats soooo cool … let the man show what man has ….  but, thats only for real man!!!  

  • Heather

    I was in my 20’s when leggings came around last time, and, as skinny as I was then, I thought I (and most gals over the age of 14) looked ridiculous wearing them outside of the gym. Now I’m approaching 50, still rockin a slender…ish… figure, but if I thought they looked silly then, well, I dare not even think of it now!

  • Ninam

    Yes men can wear leggings as it just cover legs also nice soft and warm plus nice look fashion with boots, im male and wear stirrup leggings with suede mid calf boots with flat heel, very comfortable.. best to shave hairy legs first then put leggings on. It unisex to wear leggings not just for women, it for anyone to wear it

  • I wear tights for running, cycling and weightlifting.  I wear cycling suits (some would call them catsuits) for long distance road races.  And I wear diveskins (lycra catsuits for swimming) in jellyfish-infested waters.  Some of my gear even has prints (zebra, giraffe).

    But to wear tights as casual or work wear, to wear them for anything other than sports (or when my girl wants to see them)?  You’ve got to be kidding.

  • Ehoover51

    I’m not skinny so I’m holding off on the leggings. Any advice on how to wear them without looking ridiculous?

    • We’d love to tackle that soon! Stay tuned! 😉