Maternity Wear for NFL Lovers

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What: Sporty pregnant woman no longer have to wear their hubbys’ over-sized NFL shirts. Mommies-to-be who love football can now look the part, without sacrificing their figure. Reebok’s new line of maternity wear features long and short sleeved t-shirts with team logos and/or various sayings on them (like “Mom’s Tiny Kicker” – so cute, it makes us gag a little). The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a natural pick to model the line – as her husband’s a former quarterback, and she’s expecting.

What They Say:

“Women love football because it brings the family together,” said Tiffany Coldwell, Reebok’s NFL women’s product manager. “We realized how women were buying the product, but then we were ignoring them for nine months while they were pregnant.

What We Say: We’ve read mixed reports about how much these shirts will cost from $15 toall the way up to $35 per item. Either way, not too bad. Moms to be will be able to shop for the shirts on and hopefully in store at other retailers (yet to be determined).

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  • Brenda Flynn

    When will the Reebok maternity tops be available and where will we be able to purchase them? Thank you.