Best Maternity Swimsuits Under $40

Lately we’ve been searching for the answer to a serious fashion question: “Why are Maternity Swimsuits SOOO Expensive?” When searching for maternity swimsuits for this guide, it was SUPER hard, even at Wal-Mart, to find stylish versions for under $40. We here at TBF think, since most of us, god willing, will be pregnant for approximately 9 months, there is no reason to spend a small fortune on a maternity swimsuit. Seriously. We would rather save the dough for a super cute outfit for our baby or for a killer post-pregnancy outfit. Thinking you probably feel the same way, here’s some stylish maternity swimsuit options for under $40.

Maternity Swimsuits


1. Stripe Tankini Top, $35.85, Asos

2. Twist Front Tankini Set, $28,

3. Smocked Waste Tankini, $34.98, Motherhood Maternity

4. Liz Lang One-Piece, $34.99,

5. Duo Tankini, $34.99, JCPenney


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