Look For Less: Mary J. Blige

Whenever the winter blues come knocking, fight that gloomy spirit off by wearing winter white. Fashion trendsetter and R&B star Mary J. Blige looks bright and happy in her wool coat and knit hat. White coats are not for everyday wear, but, they are a great piece to have in your wardrobe for those days when you are tired of wearing the same old coat and when you just need a little fashion pick me up. Dark colored accessories such as brown boots and a brown bag are a fantastic way to compliment white. Adding on a pair of white sunglasses like Mary’s gives the coat a fun mod look.

Get Mary’s winter white look for less:
Mary J. Blige

1. White Tab Waist Coat $49.991

2. Knit Hat $12.99

3. Round Sunglasses$5.80

Mary J. Blige
4. Knee High Boots $98.972

5. Shimmer Scarf $19

6. Braided Hobo $29.503

Blog Comments

Been looking for a new look..Winter white was one of my favorites coat colors growing up but I have neglected to include one in my collection for some time. I’m going shopping, just for that piece. Thanks girls !!

I think that Mary always has a classic look. And you have captured this look for less to a T. I really like the whole look ,that is something that I would do if I could keep white clean.

This is a great look !

hey i love your fit but i think that you should have had on white and black or brown and cream i dont know just a thought i have black and brown i have wanted a white pee cock coat for ever now so i would love to get one but i dont want someone to say something about me wearing three colors together they wont say anything to you but i am just your average person so what do u think i should do???? thank you sorry if i affenend you?!?!?!?!? Happy New Year!!!!

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