Martha Stewart’s Got Fashion Sense

What: Martha Stewart’s taking a dip into the fashion industry with her magazine Martha Stewart Living – she’s just introduced a new fashion section. For the first issue, Martha’s own staff members (that’s right, no models) will pose in blazers and coats.

What Martha Says:

“My advice is to stick to classic styles that fit rather than getting caught up in trends. Remember, less is more. It is best to have a few pieces that fit well rather than a closet full of clothing that doesn’t!”

What We Say: How clever of Martha to do this right now, just as moms are cutting back on their shopping budgets, looking for more practical and comfortable clothes to wear. We love that the queen of cupcake baking, house decorating, and going to jail in style, is not trying to be trendy, but “problem-solve.” And, well, we trust her sense of style and advice.


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