is an Attractive, but not the Best, Resource for Deals is a subscription newsletter that regularly sends alerts for the latest sales, discounts and coupons that come in to their database.  After signing up for this service, a shopper chooses a basic category of interest (“Women – Apparel, Accessories & Shoes” versus “Home Decor – Bed, Bath” and three other categories.)  Unfortunately, shoppers can’t narrow alerts by retailer, discount percent, price range, style, or anything else, so you’re limited to receiving the deals the site wants to send you (or those that they have an affiliate relationship with).

Most features of are available via the front page, and do not require subscription. You can bypass signing up for the scheduled alerts altogether and still access the new markdowns page, the coupon list, a series of guides, and a blog (cause everyone has to have a blog).  The front page features several products, clearly marked by discount percentage. The newest sales, products and trends are also viewable via the blog and are accompanied by helpful money-saving bits of advice, such as how to create a Sunday brunch at home, along with an alert for Macy’s electronics sale.  This alert is accompanied by a selection of products, such as the “Krups Programmable 10-Cup Coffee Maker was: $90.00, on sale for: $54.00 (paid for in 14 trips to Starbucks.”  However, the lack of an “about us” page does raise some serious red flags for us, as it’s difficult to determine who is really behind the site. This is confusing because the blog entries are written in “first person”, yet, there is no person to reference on the site.

The New Markdowns tab shows one product from each of the five categories (Women, Men, Kids/Babies, Home/Garden, Gadgets).  Delving into the “Women” categories shows am assortment of products that can be narrowed into more specific categories such as “rings, ” and “flats,” and shows results from a wide range of stores from Chloe “>Max and Chloe to  All in all, the New Markdowns page is an okay basic browsing tool, but sites such as have a much larger selection.

The verdict: Nay. We think is much better.


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