Midwest Macy’s Ditches Paper for Plastic

What: Macy’s is going plastic. Their stores located in the midwest (Macy’s North), will use plastic shopping bags in all departments except, of course, the departments that carry designer fashions. While this is nothing new for Macy’s shoppers on the West and East coasts, this is a major departure for shoppers in the midwest, who are still tiffed about the end of Marshall Field’s.
What the fashion heads say: Georgea Kovanis, Detroit Free Press: “Paper bags will be available in store departments that house designer brands such as Calvin Klein….Though (Jennifer) McNamara adds: If a customer really wants a paper bag,a sales clerk will get one for him”.
What I say:It’s like Macy’s hates their midwest customers. However, it doesn’t surprise me. Marshall Field’s was definitely a more upscale store than Macy’s. And, on another note, this isn’t very environmentally friendly.


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