Midwest Macy’s Ditches Paper for Plastic

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What: Macy’s is going plastic. Their stores located in the midwest (Macy’s North), will use plastic shopping bags in all departments except, of course, the departments that carry designer fashions. While this is nothing new for Macy’s shoppers on the West and East coasts, this is a major departure for shoppers in the midwest, who are still tiffed about the end of Marshall Field’s.

What the fashion heads say: Georgea Kovanis, Detroit Free Press: “Paper bags will be available in store departments that house designer brands such as Calvin Klein….Though (Jennifer) McNamara adds: If a customer really wants a paper bag,a sales clerk will get one for him”.

What I say:It’s like Macy’s hates their midwest customers. However, it doesn’t surprise me. Marshall Field’s was definitely a more upscale store than Macy’s. And, on another note, this isn’t very environmentally friendly.

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  • Nancy B.

    I used to work for Hudson’s, which is what Macy’s was before it was Marshall Field’s.  Buying something from Hudson’s was a big deal.  Heck, I remember going to Chicago and one of the highlights of the trip was shopping at the State Street store.

    Hudson’s or Marshall Field’s would never dream of having customers tote their purchases around the mall or the city in plastic bags!  Much of the time they’d give you a “handle bag” – one of their signature shopping bags – without even asking.  Plastic connotates cheap…think of the stores in the mall that have plastic bags – Sears, JCPenney, Steve & Barry’s.  Stores whose merchandise is certainly not on par with Hudson’s or Marshall Field’s.

    Not only is Macy’s new bag policy bad for the environment, it is discriminatory.  They are still going to give out paper bags if you purchase items from their designer departments.  So, if you spend beaucoup bucks in their stores you can get a paper bag.  If you don’t, you get plastic.

    So you know what?  I’ve solved the problem…I’ll just bring my nice, sturdy, silver Nordstrom shopping bags with me and have the Macy’s clerk put my purchases in them.  😉

  • teresa

    Paper shopping totes are a tacky form of advertisement – why not use your own chic purse/tote/satchel that you’re carrying around anyway?

    And for what doesn’t fit, biodegradable plastic bags are the way to go – they are made of corn not petroleum, use much less energy and materials to produce than paper bags, and will break down in a landfill, or better yet, in your compost!

  • next

    Well they actually don’t have plastic bags in the West (at least not the last time I was in a store) so it has nothing to do with hating on the Midwest.

  • Cathy

    Way to go Macy’s – when everyone on earth has finally seen “An Inconvenient Truth” you decide to give out more plastic to recycle (and tell everyone that the environment is not your problem). I hate plastic bags. I think stores that use plastic should all have bins in the entrances for recycling them.

  • I’m a Midwest Macy’s shopper and, while I had no particular allegiance to Marshall Fields, I have definitely noticed that Macy’s is much more downscale.  I would put it on par with a TJ Maxx or Marshalls as opposed to a real department store. I don’t mind another store to find a good bargain, though!

  • Jenn P

    macy’s has always been about their bottom-line which i guess i understand, but it cheapens an already cheaper department store. the macy’s close to me seems junky now unlike when it was a mf’s. for pity’s sakes, even the teeny-bopper stores feature paper bags—and you don’t even have to ask. it’s all about name-recognition when you leave the store and walk around a mall (or even when you’re toting items around a few months later). i use plastic bags as trash can liners if that says anything.