Macy’s Name Changes: Good Bye Marshall Fields, Hello Mediocrity

Bye, Bye Hecht….

Sayonara Marshall Field’s….

Peace out Lazarus….

Today, September 9, 2006,  is the day that pretty much every department store in America becomes a Macy’s.

Even though we signed petitions ( collected close to 60,000, yes 60,000 names), that wasn’t good enough for the corporate heads.  According to a fashion industry friend of this blog, Macy’s “researched” the names on the petitions and found that the people on the list were “old” (I’m 30) and we all know that “old” people don’t shop. They sit around eating creamed corn,  playing scrabble, and ordering the entire spring collection of the Suzanne Somers line on QVC, letting those “crazy kids”  deal with all that fashion babaloo.

A couple of thoughts….

1. Macy’s and Marshall Field’s are not the same place. I grew up in the Midwest, in a city that had both a Macy’s and a Marshall Field’s.  Fields is more on par with Bloomingdales than Macy’s.

2. Target is better than Macy’s. Not only are the products better designed, less expensive, and come with a more flexible return policy (90 days),  Target is a lot more tech savvy than Macy’s. Try returning something you bought online to a local Macy’s and you’ll see the difference. Apparently, I’m not the only one who thinks so…. Target has been growing at a steady pace, while Macy’s (and department stores in general) have been struggling.

3. People who live in NYC don’t like Macy’s. Every New Yorker I know avoids the Macy’s Herald Square location like the plague and rarely have anything positive to say about the store. While, every Chicagoian (sp?)  I know, has fond memories of shopping at the State Street Marshall Field’s, especially during the christmas season.

4. Macy’s is better than Hecht. I’ve been to quite a few Hecht and I must say that the boys at Federated Department Stores was on the money changing this one over to a Macy’s.

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