M by Marc Bouwer: Adventures in Home Shopping

Marc Bouwer’s normal fare is usually out of reach for those of us scraping by on your average designer-free budgets (cocktail dresses from his Glamit! line, for example, retail for between $500 and $800, and couture pieces range into the thousands—yeah we don’t have any of those either). But his M by Marc Bouwer line at home shopping mainstay QVC features some solid—if not exactly couture—pieces that you can take home for department store prices. Nice.

Note: These items are no longer available on QVC.

  • M by Marc Bouwer stretch knit top with removable belt, $32.58 (retail price $56), product number A12864
  • M by Marc Bouwer stretch knit cap sleeve dress, $63.24 (retail price $100), product number A14749
  • M by Marc Bouwer geometric print knit top, $34.98 (retail price $54), product number A10054
  • M by Marc Bouwer twill cropped jacket, $46 (retail price $66), product number A12139
  • M by Marc Bouwer faux patent leather trench, $69.12 (retail price $106), product number A72570

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